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Lotus Leaf Extract

【Introduction】 In Chinese medicine, the lotus leaf is classified as a bitter herb. According to traditional practitioners, bitter herbs trigger the production of bile and hydrochloric acid, which stimulate digestion and ease flatulence. Scientific research has revealed that lotus leaf extract contains alkaloids, flavonoids and tannins. The isoquinoline alkaloids in the leaf have sedative and antispasmodic properties.
Lotus Leaf Extract

【Chinese Name】 He Ye

【Botanic Name】 Nelumbo Nucifera Gaern

【Use Part】 Leaf

【Specifications】 1%~98% Nuciferine, 10%~20% Flavonoids

1. Anti-obesity, reduce serum triglycerides and cholesterol.
2. Lower blood lipids and blood pressure, resist fatty liver, promote blood circulation and lower blood fats.
4. Relieve insomnia, resist cough.
5. Anti-cancer, enhance immunity.
6. Benefit spleen and stomach, relieve constipation.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement