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Bilberry Extract

【Introduction】Bilberry is a perennial, ornamental shrub that is commonly found in various climates in damp woodlands and moorlands. , and there are over 100 species with similar names and fruit throughout the Europe, Asia and North America. The English call them whortleberries. The Scots know them as blaeberries. and extracts of the ripe berry are known to contain flavonoid pigments known as anthocyanins - which act as powerful antioxidants.

Bilberry Extract

【Chinese Name】 Yue Ju

【Botanic Name】 Vaccinium uliginosum L.

【Use Part】 Berry

【Specifications】 10%~25% Anthocyanidins

1. Prevent cardiovascular diseases.
2. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging.
3. Treat mild inflammation of the mucous membranes of mouth and throat.
4. Adjuvant therapy for diarrhea, enteritis, urethritis, cystitis and virosis rheum epidemic, with its antiphlogistic and bactericidal actions.
5. Protect and regenerate retinal purple (rhodopsin), and can cure eye diseases, such as pigmentosa, retinitis, glaucoma, and myopia.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement / Beverage/ Cosmetic