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Citrus Aurantium Extract

【Introduction】Synephrine Hydrochloride Powder is the botanical name for a plant commonly referred to as bitter orange, sour orange, Neroli, Chongcao, and Seville orange. It is a source of synephrine and several other biogenic amines (certain organic compounds), as well as other bioactive phytochemicals (i.e., chemicals naturally produced by plants).
Citrus Aurantium Extract

【Chinese Name】 Zhi Shi

【Botanic Name】 Citrus aurantium L.

【Use Part】 Fruit Peel

【Specifications】 6%~98% Synephrine, 10%~98% Hesperidin, 90%~95% Diosmin, 98% Hesperidine Methyl Chalcone, 98% Neohesperidin

1. Anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, anti-allergy.
2. Resist cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension and heart attack.
3. Increase capillary toughness, improve the health of capillary.
4. Anti-virus and anti-inflammation.
5. Weight control, anti-obesity, lower cholesterol.
6. Inhibit Phospholipase A2, lipoxygenase, HMG-CoA reductase and cyclo-oxygenase.

【Applications】 Pharmaceutical / Dietary supplement