Application Category 4

Maximum security in the transport of valuables has been our sole business focus and primary core competence for over 25 years. This mission is one that we share with the armored car industry.As such, all coin bags, cash deposit bags must pass stringent quality control testing to ensure the consistency and durability necessary to withstand the rigors of armored car use.ADSURE® Tamper Evident Security Bags for Armored Car Companies are available in clear and opaque and can be customized to your specifications.

american ginseng extract

American Ginseng Extract

Benefits of American Ginseng Extract :

1.Antioxidant properties.
2.Cholesterol reduction.
3.Anticancer effects and immune system stimulation.
4.Physical and mental improvement in the elderly.
5.Impotence: scientists believe the link between ginseng and sex drive is due to ginseng’s effect of strengthening overall health. and balancing the hormonal system.
6.Physical improvement and performance enhancement for athletes.
7.Mental performance improvement and mood enhancement.
8.Antifatigue and antistress actions.
9.Lowering blood sugar.

ashwagandha root powder

Ashwagandha Extract

Benefits of Ashwagandha Extract:

1. Control cholesterol;
2. Treats erectile dysfunction, increases fertility in men;
4. Reduces anxiety,relieves stress;
6. Fights diabetes,lower blood sugar;
7. Treats cancer,boosts immunity;
8. Stimulates the thyroid gland;
9. Boosts immunity;
10. Increases blood production;
11. Aids in muscle growth;
13. Reduces ocular diseases;
14. Anti-inflammatory;
15. Antibacterial properties.

asparagus officinalis extract

Asparagus Officinalis Extract

Benefits of Asparagus Officinalis Extract :

1. Helps support and facilitate kidney function
2. Increases urine production (diuretic)
3. Soothing to the urinary system
4. Anti-edema – especially with excess fluid from around the heart
5. Kidney and bladder cleanser
6. Boosts cellular action in the kidneys
7. Breaks up uric acid – therefore excellent for gout and kidney stones

Astragalus root extract

Astragalus Root Extract

Benefits of Astragalus Root Extract:

  1. Relieve stress, protect body against physical, mental, or emotional stress.
  2. Anti-cancer, reduce the side effects of anti-neoplastic drugs.
  3. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging.
  4. Anti-bacteria, prevent cold and upper respiratory infection.
  5. Lower blood pressure, protect liver, anti-diabetes, insulin resistance and anti-hyperglycemia.
  6. Treat old diseases, prevents bone loss.
  7. Treat heart diseases including coronary artery related diseases, heart failure and Cardiovascular Disease, and insufficient placental blood supply.
  8. Anti-inflammation and anti-infection, treat skin diseases.
Beet Root Extract

Beet Root Extract

Benefits of Beet Root Extract :

1.Anti tumor, blood pressure.

2.Anti peptic ulcer and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

3.Treatment of liver diseases.

4.Promote fat metabolism and protein synthesis.

bitter melon extract

Bitter Melon Extract

Benefits of Bitter Melon Extract:

1.Anti-Diabetes (Hypoglycemia or Blood Glucose Lowering, adult-onset diabetes or type-II diabetes);
2. Anti-HIV;
3. Psoriasis Treatment;
4. Anti-obesity;
5. Anti-malarial;
6. Anti-cancer;
7. Demulcent (Ache Relief);
8. Aphrodisiac.

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract

Benefits of the Black Pepper Extract:

  1. It has the function of treatment for arthritis, rheumatism and skin disease or wound healing;
  2. It has the function of losing weight, its ability to increase in the metabolic rate of the body;
  3.  It has the function of clearing heat and diuretic, expectorant, sedative and analgestic;
  4.  It has the function of treating acute conjunctivitis, bronchitis, gastritis, enteritis and urinary stones;
  5.  It has the function of enhancing immunity and supporting the intestinal absorption of nutrients.
Blue berry powder

Blueberry Extract

Benefits of Blueberry Extract:

  1. Improve vision acuity and relieve eye fatigue
  2. Has strong antioxidant activity.
  3. Prevent against Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy.
  4. Prevent against arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and varicosis.
buckwheat extract

Buckwheat Extract

Benefits of Buckwheat Extract :

1.Reduce blood sugar, enhance the peripheral effect of insulin, therapy diabetes.
2.Lower blood fat, soften blood vessel, can be used to therapy the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
3.Protection from cancer and anti-cancer.
4.Anti-oxidation, cell regeneration.

burdock root extract

Burdock Root Extract

Benefits of Burdock Root Extract :

1. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects;

2. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue effect;

3. Protective effect on liver, lung and stomach injury;

4. Anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-mutation;

5. Aspartic acid and arginine have brain-building effects;

6. Arctium can treat coronary heart disease and diabetes;

7. Chlorogenic acid is also anti-HIV and anti-allergic.

chicory root extract

Chicory Root Extract

Benefits of Chicory Root Extract :

1.Processedfoods, suitable for diabetics and potentially helpful in managing blood sugar-related illnesses.

2.Inulinand its analog sinistrin are used to help measure kidney function by determining the glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

3.Inulinenhances the growth and activities of selected beneficial bacteria or inhibits growth or activities of certain pathogenic bacteria, hence promoting colonic health.

4.Inulinis reported to decrease amount of cholesterol and triglycerides, hence benefits lipidemia and cardiovascular system.

5.Itis also used for rehydration and remineralization following important loss of water, like diarrhea and diaphoresis. 

6.Inulincan also be used as a vaccine adjuvant.

7.Inulinis a prebiotic bifidus factor (enhances the growth of bifidobacteria), but it’s nonviscous.

chrysanthemum extract

Chrysanthemum Extract

Benefits of Chrysanthemum Extract :

1.Anti-bacteria and anti-fungus.

2.Improve hepatic detoxification ability, protect liver.

3.Anti-oxidation, eliminate free radicals, anti-aging.

4.Enhance immunity.

5.Prevent and treat high blood fats disease.

6.Anti-Inflammation and allay fever.