New study: New Coronary Pneumonia Will Damage To Lungs And Also Damage Men’s This ‘Function’

The emergence of a new coronavirus outbreak, our original stable life was completely broken, since the end of the previous year, our lives are shrouded in the shadow of the new coronavirus, the first may be may be spread in Wuhan City, but with a large number of people flow, resulting in the new coronavirus in a short period of time was transmitted to all parts of the country, so the original lively and festive Spring Festival also had to become cold and deserted, congestion on the road rarely see vehicles, Because of the ability of the virus to spread during the incubation period and the way it mutates, people are afraid to go out, although this is not the first time that people across the country have fought the epidemic. But this time the virus and SARS is completely different, the transmission capacity is much more than SARS virus.

Fortunately, after tens of thousands of health care workers and the whole people’s consciousness, China’s new coronal pneumonia epidemic has gradually been effectively controlled, the number of new daily in the decreasing, so more and more people began to take to the streets, enterprises are gradually beginning to resume work, but people will still wear masks, on the one hand, because the epidemic did not completely disappear, on the other hand, unfortunate infection will cause great harm to the body. Although the outbreak is contained, research into the new coronavirus has been ongoing.

Since the emergence of the new coronavirus, people have never stopped its research, so its understanding is more and more comprehensive, first of all, it is known is its mode of transmission, because it can be effective prevention, its most common mode of transmission is droplets and contact; So many epidemic prevention levels to whether the body temperature is normal as a basis for judgment, which also to a large extent screened out a lot of infected people.

Damage to human body by new coronavirus

In the early stages of the study, it is certain that the damage to the human body is mainly concentrated in the lungs, because it is spread by droplets, directly to the lungs, and when the body is affected by the outside virus, it is easy to have a fever and cough, the purpose is to remove the virus, but the new coronavirus attachment capacity is very strong, so once invaded the body, it will cause sustained damage to the lungs, if not timely treatment, then let the lung function gradually lost, and eventually respiratory failure, But recent research has found that the new coronavirus is not just in the lungs.

Through a comprehensive screening of nearly a hundred male patients found that the new coronavirus in the body will be metastasized, the initial target may only be the lungs, can be extended over time, its target is easy to transfer, it is easy to cause damage to the male testosterone, follicle stimulator and other hormone secretion disorders, to the vasectomy, the urinary system and other reproductive organs caused damage, serious and even may affect male reproductive function. Of course, not all infected men will have this problem, in general, light patients will not have this situation, and the elderly medium-sized patients will appear in part, and the majority of serious patients will appear this problem, so also remind you, usually must do a good job of prevention, and once the symptoms of infection, must be timely check, so as to reduce the damage to the body.