Qingfei Detoxification Granules And Hua Shi Futoxin Granules Have Been Approved For Clinical Trials

State Administration Of traditional Chinese Medicine: Qingfei detoxification granules and hua shi futoxin granules have been approved for clinical trials

The state council joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference 15th April,2020 to introduce the progress of COVID – 19 drug development, vaccine development and other scientific research.

Li yu, director of the science and technology department of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, said that traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role in the fight against the epidemic by screening out effective prescriptions of “three drugs and three parties”. Among them, the “three parties” refer to the three prescriptions of qingfei detoxification soup, huai detoxification prescription and huai detoxification prescription.

Recently, qingfei detoxification granules and huai detoxification granules have been approved by the state food and drug administration and have obtained the approval of the national clinical trial.

Qingfei detoxification soup is composed of five classic prescriptions derived from Treatise On Febrile Diseases.

On February 6, national WeiJianWei, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine in the early stage of the clinical curative effect good, on the basis of which to the recommended clearing lung detoxification decoction for the treatment of COVID kinds – 19 patients, after a long period of clinical observation, clear lung detoxification soup showed in blocking light, normal to the heavy and important role in the development of severe type. At the same time in the heavy and critical rescue process also played a very good role.

In the clinical treatment process of wuhan frontline, academician huang luqi’s team and academician zhang bally’s team summarized the effective prescriptions according to the clinical observation, which have good efficacy in blocking the development of the disease and improving the symptoms, especially in shortening the course of the disease.